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Advanced Nutrients 100% Organic OIM Bundle

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Advanced Nutrients 100% Organic OIM Bundle

Advanced Nutrients 100% Organic OIM Bundle includes:


Big Bud Organic OIM

If you’re an organic grower looking for a maximum-strength bud bulking, bloom-boosting supplement, look no further. This ultra-premium, next generation Organic OIM supplement is the perfect solution to maximize your bloom phase and give you bigger, more consistent yields time after time. Get richer harvests with bigger, denser, higher-quality flowers and fruits. In short, you get all the power of the world-famous and cup-winning Big Bud®now 100% organic.

Bud Candy Organic OIM

When you give your crops the simple and complex carbohydrates in Bud Candy Organic™ OIM, you’re giving them an instantly accessible source of energy that they can channel into floral growth. The rest is stored away so it can be tapped for future ripening. Plus, you’ll magnify the reproductive rate of beneficial microbes in the root zone by feeding them extra nourishment. This leads directly to greater root mass. Finally, it supplies bloom-enhancing plant extracts that increase essential oils for higher potency, better aroma, richer flavor, and sharper pigments for deeper, more pleasing colors.

Ancient Earth OIM

A completely natural source of short & long chain humic acids that work together to maximize plant performance and increase yields. Discover how one of nature's oldest secrets can benefit your high-value plant's growth, enhance feeding, stimulate root branching, boost enzyme function, and maximize cellular metabolism. Plus so much more.

Iguana Juice Organic™ OIM Grow & Bloom

The 100% organic, comprehensive, one-part liquid fertilizer that is completely water-soluble, and ensures optimum growth cycles and predictable high yields. Iguana Juice Organic OIM Growcontains the essential elements in the precise ratios and concentrations necessary for strong rooting and vibrant vegetative growth. Iguana Juice Organic OIM Bloom has the precise ratios and concentrations of ingredients necessary for truly amazing, bud-bountiful yields. And it couldn’t be easier to use: Just measure at the label rate and pour, because it’s only one part.

1.00 LBS