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An aerator is an agricultural machine specifically designed to make perfect holes in the soil for grass to be grown. In addition to that, the aerator is associated with several benefits to users if utilized at the right time of the year in the favorable environmental conditions. The aerator has compacted lawns which help in improving the soil drainage capacity. Through the use of this machine, micro-organisms such as microflora, microfauna, and worms, which provide nutrients and facilitate oxygen supply in the soil are encouraged to thrive. This powered aerator employs a sustainable amount of force from ground propulsion and drives several tines into the immediate ground, thus, the machine is capable of aerating a large lawn at a significantly short period of time. Through Lawn aeration, the machine can break huge chunks of compacted soils and allow water, small soil particles and fertilizer to infuse into the roots, making it favorable in grassy areas.

            It is highly recommended to buy and maintain an aerator instead of hiring because through a cost-benefit analysis, buying and maintaining is cheap by far. Further, a lawn requires constant aeration for it to be effective. Failure to aerate your lawn can make the lawn to develop problems such as puddling after every rainstorm. This Aeration machine is capable of pulling soil cores from the ground, allowing air to penetrate easily into the soil. An appropriate plug should be about 2.5 inches in depth and should be pulled at an interval of about 3 inches. For your lawn to appear appealing, water it a day before muddying the soil. The aerator is also effective because it can be adjusted according to the size of lawn needed.