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Air & Odor Purification

To achieve the best possible plant growth, it’s important that the air inside your grow room is free of debris and contaminants. At Healthy Harvest, we offer a wide range of hydroponic air and odor purifiers as well as hydroponic carbon filters to keep the air clean and your plants healthy.

How do you prevent unwanted odors and purify air in your grow room?  Carbon filters, air purifiers, ozone generators, ozonators, uvonair uv light sterilizers and ona are several options we recommend. 

Carbon filters, also known as carbon scrubbers, are probably the most common tool used by growers to contain growroom odors.  Quality hydroponic carbon filters such as Can Filter or Phresh that use activated carbon to cleanse the air of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  These filters work by pairing them with a fan (such as a Can Fan blower or Hurricane inline duct fan) that pulls the air over the carbon pellets which actually absorb odors and contaminants.  In addition to removing smells, these filters actually help sterilize the air in a grow facility.  

There are two types of grow room build outs, sealed rooms and vented rooms.  Sealed rooms are sealed tight with no intake or exhaust, and can carbon filters are paired with can fans which continuously scrub the air.  Many growers will mount these filters to the roof with brackets so as to not waste floorspace and not block the light from illuminating the canopy.  In a vented room, a fan (similar to vortex) and charcoal filter will be attached to ducting which extracts the heat from the grow room.  The air passes through the filter and out of the room while a smaller inline fan will usually draw air into the grow space.  We get asked all the time, how do you know how big of a fan and carbon filter do I need?  Growers will need to calculate intake and exhaust needs by calculating CFM (cubic feet per minute) and pairing that with a filter and fan that can adequately exchange air in the room.  Many growers will take the additional step of adding a UV light sterilizer to their air handler in hopes of killing any pests, pathogens or diseases before entering their grow.  Odor Neutralizing Agents such as ONA are very popular in masking grow room odors and providing a silent solution to lingering smells from plants.  Ozone generators come in many forms including inline and stand alone by creating o3 particles which attack the odors at a molecular level.  These machines are also rated by cubic foot per minute and will need to be sized according to your space.  

 At Healthy Harvest we are experts in designing air filtration and purification systems.  From grow tents to 1000 lighters, we have the solution for you.