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Air Conditioners

"What is the best AC for my grow room?" and "How do I size an air conditioner properly for my grow space?" are questions we're frequently asked, neither of which have a one-size-fits-all answer.  

Every grow room is going to have varying needs when it comes to temperature control, air circulation & cooling equipment.  Air conditioners come in many forms & sizes including water cooled air conditioners with cooling towers, commercial packaged units, central splits, mini splits and more.  We carry a vast selection of air conditioners from half ton (6,000 btu) portable air conditioners to 40 ton packaged commercial 3 phase units.  We carry all accessories including programmable digital thermostats, insulated & spiral ducting, wire & cable, collars, mounting kits, cold ambient weather kits, condensate pumps & tanks, copper line sets, gro-sok air distribution systems, movincool rolling air conditioners, vacuum pumps & guages, surge protectors & fan blades.  Basically we have everything an HVAC expert would need to build your grow room.  We can also refer you to industry leading consultants for commercial growers in need of design assistance.  We carry all major brands in the hydroponic industry.