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Brilliant Floating Greenhouse Sustains Itself With Sun & Harvested Rainwater


In a time when traditional agriculture is giving way to hybridized methods of production, urban rooftop farms and other forms of unconventional cultivation, many are looking for ways to maximize production that is not land-based.

Aiming to create a low-cost alternative using recycled materials, Italian designers Antonio Girardi and Cristiana Favretto of Studiomobile created this floating modular greenhouse that sits upon 96 repurposed plastic drums. Dubbed "Jellyfish Barge," the idea behind this curious octagonal structure is to empower families and communities that live in coastal areas or near a body of water to grow their own food, without the need for land.

Crops are grown hydroponically in this 750-square-foot space, and are nourished with rainwater that is harvested through seven solar stills in a self-sustaining, solar-powered system. The fans and pumps that are necessary to the functioning of the solar stills are powered by the sun, enabling the system to collect, process and circulate up to 150 litres (39.6 gallons) of clean, purified water daily, be it sea water or rainwater, suitable for cultivating crops. Best of all, the whole system can be controlled remotely, streamlining the food-growing process into a simpler and more productive activity.

The barge's modular design means that it can be scaled up or down, or customized to fit various applications like floating farm-to-table restaurants, floating farmer's markets, or floating community gardens that may travel between pick-up points.

Originally Posted By Tree Hugger

The Best Lighting Reflectors from Healthy Harvest

ADJUST-A-WING AVENGER REFLECTOR W/ CORD & SOCKET, MEDIUM & LARGEPRODUCT DESCRIPTION The “Adjustable Light Spread” allows growers to create ideal lighting conditions across all stages of plant growth for increased vitality, health and yield.95% reflective proprietary textured German aluminum.Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors.Increase the growing area under each lamp by up to [...]

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A Beginner’s Handy Guide to Hydroponic Gardening

In today’s modern time, hydroponic gardening has become a popular alternative choice for growing crops. The basic idea of hydroponics is the growing of plants without utilizing soil. It may sound absurd to some, but it’s actually very economical and beneficial for many gardeners.With the hydroponic system, more water is conserved compared to the traditional [...]

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What is Organic Hydroponics?

One of the most ideal approaches to develop food and also container plants is organically. Although, in the event that you live in a little apartment or home, and you would prefer not to deal with all of the dirt that has a tendency to come with plants, you can make use of the organic hydroponics methods to get [...]

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Why Hydroponic Growing?

Home hydroponics is truly an expression that is used to state the technique of growing plants and herbs with the use of normal water centered nourishment product. There is no garden soil included in at any rate, and therefore there is low risk of insecticides and some other herbal issues.More and more people have started to use this [...]

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How Hydroponic Gardening is Different from Regular Gardening?

While growing plants hydroponically, there is an endless variety of growing methods that could be useful. These methods include supplies, including vermiculite, sand, perlite, rock, coconut fiber, or any number of some other materials. Indeed air might also be used for growing hydroponically. These methods for hydroponic gardening is a dormant element that doesn’t supply any nourishment to the plants.Most of [...]

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How to Save your Pocket on Hydroponic Equipment

Hydroponics Miami is an amazing way to develop your own plants at any time of the year, but it can also be expensive, particularly of you need to manage a decent sized garden. Beginning in the world of hydroponics does not usually need to break your bank. However, you can save your pocket by following some of these basic tips [...]

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Benefits of Hydroponic Miami Growing System

Hydroponics growing system is quickly developing in acceptance, because of the simple fact that plant formed hydroponically will flourish quicker and harvest crop added vegetables and fruits than plants formed in soil. Hydroponics is the rising of plants without using soil. A wide range of hydroponic Miami planting procedures are available and nearly any plant can be developed with hydroponics.There is a [...]

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Do you want to buy hydroponics equipments?

Are you a nature lover? Do you wish to have a garden of your own but don’t because you don’t have open space in your home? Don’t have a backyard to build your garden? Don’t fret because with hydroponics you can build more than just one garden inside your home. This method does not require any sand or huge [...]

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How to Adjust Ph in Water

PH levels play a very important role in the health of your plants whether grown hydroponically or in the soil. In every case you have to test it often to see that your plants are growing perfectly. A disturbed pH can result in a disturbance in the growth of your plants and they can even die.Whether you are [...]

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