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The Best Lighting Reflectors from Healthy Harvest

29th Mar 2016

ADJUST-A-WING AVENGER REFLECTOR W/ CORD & SOCKET, MEDIUM & LARGEPRODUCT DESCRIPTION The “Adjustable Light Spread” allows growers to create ideal lighting conditions across all stages of plant growth … read more

A Beginner’s Handy Guide to Hydroponic Gardening

29th Mar 2016

In today’s modern time, hydroponic gardening has become a popular alternative choice for growing crops. The basic idea of hydroponics is the growing of plants without utilizing soil. It may sound absu … read more

What is Organic Hydroponics?

Posted by Eric Smith on 23rd Dec 2014

One of the most ideal approaches to develop food and also container plants is organically. Although, in the event that you live in a little apartment or home, and you would prefer not to deal with … read more

Why Hydroponic Growing?

Posted by Eric Smith on 18th Dec 2014

Home hydroponics is truly an expression that is used to state the technique of growing plants and herbs with the use of normal water centered nourishment product. There is no garden soil included in … read more