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Bornacles / Scale Insects

Wax Scale Insects, Bornacles or Ceroplastes cirripediformis are bugs that can be found stuck to the stems, branches or leaves of your plants. Scale insects usually don’t look like bugs rather they seem like an irregular shaped mass of wax. This mass is thick and greyish in colour having black spots on bottom while a single black dot at the top surface. Little scale insects may look like a part of the plant, like an abnormal growing mass, while some may look like bugs. In both forms, they suck energy from plant tissues.

The difference between Scale insects/ Bornacles and mealybugs is of movement. If you see white to greyish moving mass of same size, its most probably a mealybug. Scale insect don’t move, they just hang out on plant parts.

Like aphids Bornacles / scale insects also secrete a thick sugary material ‘’honeydew’’ which form shaded/dark areas of fungus infestation / mold on host plant parts. Honeydew also appeal ants in growing area.Before cold season eggs hatch and you may notice moving small bugs on your plants that soon will be covered by waxy material and stick to the stem, leaf or branches. Scale insects or Bornacles invade many kind of plants including ornamentals in growing areas of California, Florida and other states North America.

 ''How to control Bornacles / Scale Insects ?''

Monitor your plants regularly and try to spray a suitable insecticide / fungicide as soon as you see any bug on your plants. When scale insects get form of a growth like mass covered with wax its hard to kill them. But it can be controlled at any stage of life cycle. Browse our website for a range of organic, safe to use, broad spectrum and registered products that eliminate bugs from your garden in a short time.

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