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Bud Rot or Mold

Bud Rot or Mold  also known as Grey Mold is scientifically recognized as Botrytis cinerea is one the most  regular issue that numerous plant producers confront each day and mostly experienced in cool, damp and densely populated grow area.Hydroponic/indoor gardens have higher chance of fungus attack because of more humidity specially during dark cycle. To prevent mold growth better air circulation is crucial, keep your plants at a proper distance from each other and control level of humidity by using dehumidifiers. Besides this sterilize your growing area and pots/trays before plantation to minimize mold outbreak. Bud Rot or Mold generally infects already injured and old foliage. Spots from white to grey and grey to brown and even black coloured will show up on leaves, petals, stems or flowers. Often fuzzy gray scraped areas on leaves will keep disintegrating until the point when your plants start wilting. Monitor lower and old leaves of plants and if you find above symptoms then its time to buy suitable fungicides.

So here is the means by which to spot, counteract and treat form Bud Rot or Mold or grey mold. A variety of sprays to cure mold infestation is available that is safe to use for you and your plants. Browse Healthy Harvest site for world wide shipping of your selected fungisides for your Hydroponic/indoor garden.