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Carbon Filters

Carbon filters, also known as charcoal scrubbers, charcoal filters & carbon scrubbers come in many sizes, brands and qualities.  These filters work by pairing them with inline duct fans that move air over a bed of activated carbon which traps and absorbs air born contaminants, odors, pollutant molecules, volatile organic compounds and unwanted impurities from the environment.  Generally these filters have a 1-2 year life expectancy, but we recommend changing yearly for grow room applications.  These filters use different types of carbon including RC-4/12, RC-4/8 and several others.

Carbon Filters are commonly used in both sealed room grow rooms and growrooms with intake and exhaust that exchange air.  One common rule of thumb used to size your carbon filter and fan is calculating the cubic footage of your grow room and pairing that with a fan and filter of equivalent CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) ratings.