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Ceramic Metal Halide Lighting (CMH & LEC)

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) & Light emitting ceramic (LEC) are advanced type of HID grow lights and getting to be popular lights for indoor planting. The name Ceramic Metal Halide demonstrates the utilization of ceramic tube in their development that aides in high temperature creation required to achieve the maximum light spectrum gainful for plants development

What is the difference between CMH and LEC grow lights?

The two names CMH and LEC allude to same innovation and there is no distinction in the development of the two lights. LEC ''Light emitting ceramic'' is only a particular name for CMH given by assembling industry simply like a trademark.

Advantages of CMH & LEC grow lights:

CMH(Ceramic metal halide) and Light emitting Ceramic (LEC) lights have many advantages over customary MH light sources including longer life and creation of more appropriate spectrum of light. They produce comparatively more light using same power and bringing out low power cost and sophisticated yield of plants. These lights might be viewed as costly to purchase however in long run they are accounted for better  than other conventional light sources as far as yield and power use. CMH & LEC are reported to produce more natural light colour and necessitate less maintenance.

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