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Cloning Machines

When you have a plant that’s really successful, you may wish to replicate it for your customers. By using a hydroponic cloning system, you’ll be able to recreate the same results in no time. Although this method has been around for thousands of years, our collection features innovative systems that are truly game changing. Choose a best suited cloning system to grow and propagate your favourite plants all year long.

Healthy Harvest’s great selection of hydroponic cloning systems makes it easy to successfully clone plants of any species. We carry a variety of brand names, such as Bontanicare and EZ Clone. Our systems help gardeners save a lot of time and money. Not only do we offer terrific plant cloning products, we also have plenty of accessories and equipment to maximize your results. Everything you need to set a consistent and efficient growing system is just a click away with our world wide shipping service.

Browse our best hydroponic cloning systems supplies for sale today. Healthy harvest ensure healthy plants and happy you! If you're cutting clones from a mother plant, one of the easiest and simplest ways to create thriving cuttings is by using a cloning machine.  Some cloners use air stones to bubble the water, known as bubbler buckets, and others use aeroponic misters or sprayers.  Ez-Clone, Turbo Klone & OxyClone are very popular units among hobbyists and commercial propagation facilities alike.  Most growers use a blue spectrum veg, or grow cycle light.  LED, Fluorescent & CFL lighting are very popular choices for grow lights to be used for propagation.  Growers will usually use both a cloning gel or powder and a cloning solution as well, Clonex and Life are two very popular choices.  Hormex, Rapidstart, Technaflora and Vitagrow are various brands favored among cannabis and mmj marijuana growers when propagating clones.  To create thriving roots customers often ask "What is the best cloning solution?" or "What is the best cloning gel"?  You'll want to look for something with rooting hormones and compounds.  Instead of growing from a seed, create an exact genetic replica and fill your grow room with uniform canopy growth by cutting clones.  The fastest and easiest way to do this is using technology.  While tried and true methods such as rockwool, peat or coco coir pellets in a humidity dome will work just fine, if you just want to set your clones and forget them you've got to try the convenience of a cloner.  Slice the plants at a 45 degree angle with a clean and sterile razor from the mother plant (or donor), and dip it in your rooting product.  Some growers suggest longer cuts on the sides of the stems to create more surface area to produce roots, the jury is still out on this one.  To create robust and healthy seedlings it is important to use either a water chiller, beneficial bacteria or some type of water sterilizer or water sterilization product such as Clear Rez or current culture CCh2o UC Roots.  You'll also want to spray or mist your plants several times a day beginning immediately after they're cut to prevent wilting.