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Co2 Enrichment

Co2 (or carbon dioxide) enrichment is a simple and very effective way to boost yields and shorten crop cycles when growing indoors in a grow room.  Growers can expect an increase in yield of up to 30% when maintaining optimal Co2 levels versus growing plants in an environment deprived of carbon dioxide.

It is commonly agreed that Co2 should be raised gradually as plants mature, raised to a maximum of 1500 ppm (parts per million) in peak bloom, and then tapered back down towards the end of the ripening period near harvest.  In a sealed room with no intake and exhaust, co2 is an absolute must as co2 levels will be depleted by the plants.  Co2 must be supplemented in the form of bottled co2 gas or created as a byproduct of a natural gas (ng) or liquid propane (lp) co2 generator.  Generally growers will pair their co2 source with a precision monitor that also controls co2 levels based on programmed set points.  Rooms that utilize intake and exhaust systems can still benefit from the use of co2 as ambient co2 levels are generally 300-500 ppm.  While these levels will obviously sustain plant growth, if you're looking to super charge your garden you'll want to consider buying the right co2 system as it will pay dividends every harvest if used properly.  Whether using a small co2 tank, a regulator and a co2 rain hose system to distribute the co2 throughout your grow tent, or setting up a state of the art fully automated grow room with full co2 and environmental control system, we have the solution for you.

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