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Coco Coir Mixes

Coco coir (also known as coconut coir and coco fiber or fibre) has rapidly become one of the most popular growing media options chosen by growers today.  Coco is popular with indoor, outdoor & greenhouse growers for a variety of reasons.  It comes in compressed coco bales, coco slabs, and loose bagged coco of varying pith.  Perlite, vermiculite, peat and cork are all popular amendments that allow for additional water retention or aeration properties.  Coco offers accelerated growth rates comparable to hydroponics and even deep water culture versus traditional potting soil or soilless mixtures.  Many indoor growers in the Miami Dade and Broward county areas who grow in fabric nursery pots prefer Canna Coco for its texture and perfect aeration to water retention properties.  Growers in California who grow outdoors use coco as well because it offers performance gardening with the forgivingness of other growing media.  Coco is often cut with perlite, rocks, hydroton, vermiculite, cork (Mills DNA Coco) and other amendments in order to change its properties.  It's also used in soilless peat based mixes (Sanctuary Soil Big City Mix, Royal Gold Tupur & Basement Mix)