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Body shape of crickets is comparable with grasshoppers, there are numerous types of crickets, mostly are measured under 1 inch long and are sparkly dark brown or darker. Some types have dim to dark spots or strips on their bodies. In the event that you discover a cricket, you will likewise see a couple of antennae, frequently equal in length to insect’s body, stretching out. Summer is the mating period of crickets. To get female cricket’s attention male cricket rub its legs producing a ‘’chirping’’ sound. Female crickets lay eggs lethargic through winter and bring forth in pre-summer. The subsequent young crickets look simply like littler variants of the grown-ups, they develop in roughly three months to begin their life cycle again. Crickets for the most part move into your garden in pre-fall when weeds and wild plants begin to decease. Weeds, dead/ decaying plant parts and lights are the most common source of attraction for crickets.

''Do crickets harm plants?''

Truly they do, however they hurt for brief timeframe. More often than not they eat other dead bugs and weaker pests. Other than this they eat plant parts causing problems for growers. Subsequently its critical to control crickets.

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