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DE Ballasts

We offer a variety of DE ballasts compatible to your system and safe to use. You can choose from top brands in the market as Sun System, Galaxy, Nanolux and Phantom. Hard Core® DE deals unrivaled cooling abilities while expanding the life span of the capacitor and igniter. It effortlessly changes from 120 to 240 volt control. Powder-covered steel lodging and strong plan ensures reliable inner parts. Flexible feet lessen commotion and vibration. Fantastic quality with high temperature 150 degrees C wire associations will give a very long time of inconvenience free activity. For utilize ONLY with 1000 watt twofold finished HPS lights. Try not to use with different wattages or light writes. It is compatible for 1000W HPS DE lamps and restricted for others. ‘’Galaxy® DE Select-A-Watt®’’ highlights occurrence of 105 kHz micro processing innovation. This ballast is stabilizer and can work a 1000 Watt light at variable watts. It will appropriately drive 600, 750, 875 and 1000 watts DE lamps. Set the coveted wattage on the Select-A-Watt® control then introduce the right light. One of its positive features is its quiet activity and constrained vibration. It has thermally boosted cooled aluminum lodging without fan. Galaxy® DE brand’s product comes pre-set up with a double all inclusive lamp-cord that is perfect with all Sun System® mark reflectors and also for other brand’s reflectors. Remote Double Ended counterbalance allows you to run your DE lamp in air coolled reflector. It supports the client to pick different reflector choices that enables to work remotely like customary ballasts. The Nanolux DER-APP has expanded the standard of 1150 Watts to 1200 Watts to drive the light sufficiently hard to deliver a powerful PAR yield. This balance is NCCS APP prepared, which means you will have the capacity to control it remotely on your PC through the Nanolux Cloud Control System. Like the greater part of our weights the DER-APP accompanies Random Start, Soft dimming and Soft start capacities. The products by ‘’Nanolux’’ are completely fixed, safer and prepared for even the most rough conditions. ‘’Phantom Double-Ended Digital Ballast with USB Interface’’ ensures higher PAR value. Designing greatness of Phantom items is shortly joined into their novel ‘’Phantom Commercial DE weights’’ with improved configuration for DE 1000 watts HPS lamps, and they include a profoundly exact micro processor and four way yield control. It is absolutely noiseless, productive and not as much heavy and they self-control all reflectors available. The PX 1 provides double zone unconventional control of your DE lamps that enables you to switch, diminish and support different Hydro farm ballasts.The Sun System® 1 DE ballast(s) is perfect with flag ports for ON or OFF capacitors by a wired regulator.The new Sun System® 1 DE arrangement gives premium parts and unrivaled development for the expert agricultural fan. Its thermally improved nonAir cooled aluminum lodging does not necessitate a cooling fan. This item is good with all Sun System® reflectors and in addition other reflectors.We ship world wide and available 24 hrs to answer your quires. Healthy Harvest Hydroponics and Horticultural Supplies ensures healthy plants and happy you.