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DE Complete Kits

Healthy Harvest offers best quality and economical complete DE kits for both commercial and small scale growers. There are different packages available from a variety of top brands in the horticultural industry. Available kits include ballast, lamp,reflector and may be some additional items in a DE kit. Customers need to know that not every type and size of reflector is suitable for your garden.It actually depends on the size of your garden. Read the kit description before choosing an appropriate grow light set up. Advanced HID technologies like ‘’NCCS (Nanolux Cloud Control System)’’ is offered solely by Nanolux. Nanolux Cloud Control System allows you to have the capacity to control up to 999 lights on your PC.''Xtrasun'' DE Double Ended enables growers to choose the most suitable intensity of light for their specific system/framework.Normally, it is absolutely noiseless while working. Commercial DE Open Lighting System kits are also available that allow you to use it remotely,a complete kit/unit is contained the individual segments in their retail bundling/shipment and delivered in a single packing. Moreover our products are safe to use and easy to install.By ordering a complete DE kit you get everything brand new at your doorstep anywhere in the world. Besides this you can also avail package discounts on ordering a complete kit. High-power plant lighting frameworks that are superb decision for a scope of uses are offered from brands like Nanolux, Gavita, Xtrasun, Phantom, Sun system, ePapillon and many other.Healthy Harvest Hydroponics and Horticultural Supplies offer worldwide shipping of all gardening equipment.We are available to answer your queries. We ensure best quality and pricing for healthy plants and happy you!