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DE Lamps & Bulbs

Double Ended HPS Bulbs and Lamps are the most up to date innovation in High Pressure Sodium grow lights. These lamps and bulbs debase slower than conventional single ended bulbs. Truth be told, following 10,000 hours DE lights will in any case yield roughly 90% of their unique power. DE HPS bulbs and lamps are likewise steadier and this enables them to have a 10% expansion in light power and PAR yield over conventional HPS grow lights (single ended HPS bulbs/lamps). More over Double Ended HPS bulbs radiate more UV and IR light than traditional HPS, expanding the development rate and basic natural oils of oil delivering vegetation.Healthy Harvest Hydroponics and Horticultural Supplies offer a range of Double Ended HPS Bulbs and Lamps from top brands in the gardening market as ‘’Philips’’, Eye Hortilux, Ushio,Utrasun,Xtrasun, nanolux, Agrosun,Digilux,Gavita, ePapillon,Grow green , Plant max etc.Grow lights have a long history of development and reaching at this stage of development where more light, efficiency, power and life span. We offer a range of DE lights suitable for your garden including ‘’Philips Master GreenPower Plus EL lamp’’ that is 1000 watt HPS agricultural light. It is nitrogen loaded with a quartz glass external coat for optical excellence. DE light base is for precise light hanging. This Bulb does not possess a wired outline and is the best light to optimize photosynthesis in your plants. ‘’Eye Hortilux DE HPS’’ bulbs offer consistent light source fit for significant production through numerous development cycles of plants. This reliable Eye Hortilux DE range gives an efficient PPF as 1,950 µmol of photosynthetic photon motion when worked at 1000 watts and 2,100 µ mol when worked at 1150 watts. More over DE HPS lamps by Ultra Sun® 1000 watt produce higher power blue and violet ranges with a critical increment of helpful UV wavelengths. They are best to utilize in the last one to two weeks of plant’s life as it boosts ripening of fruits, particularly intended for efficient yield. ‘’Agrosun 1000W HPS Double-Ended Bulb’’ is perfect for development with high light power necessities. The Grow Green Lamp include German made, top notch quality, high-weight sodium lights with artistic release tubes for high productivity and adequacy with ideal lifetime execution. ‘’Grow Green lamp’’ shading range is perfect for incitement of plant development in all periods of improvement and is particularly designed to work on higher efficiencies and delivering 2,100 µmols per lamp. Next product ‘’E-Papillon 1000W Double Ended EL MH Lamp’’ has a ghastly dissemination optimized for photosynthesis and suitable to use with any DE light installation. These lights have been particularly manufactured for green applications, which expands their productivity and limits the drop in light limit over the life of the bulb.Besides this there is a huge selection of grow lights available at Healthy Harvest to ensure healthy plants and happy you.Don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries and concerns.We offer worldwide shipping of grow lights. Make your garden healthier and brighter with Healthy Harvest.