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DE Reflectors

For ideal execution of Double Ended (DE) HPS bulbs, DE reflectors are utilized.DE reflectors increase efficiency of DE bulbs and lamps by dealing with higher temperatures and yielding more energy than traditional reflectors.DE reflectors should only be utilized with advanced and electronic double ended-HPS ballasts. A huge selection of DE reflectors for max optical proficiency and consistency of Double ended grow lights is offered at Healthy Harvest Hydroponics and Horticultural Supplies. A range of DE lights utilized as a part of this apparatus center around the red portion of light for expanded photosynthetic reaction. ‘’Sun System AC/DE Air-Cooled Double-Ended Reflector’’ permit evacuation of warmth produced by the light without cooling the light. More over the DE reflectors in the list are manufactured or designed by top companies in Horticultural market making them perfect for every type of grow lightening set up (essential/supplemental/hybrid). Open reflector configuration enables light to get nearer to the vegetation. They are simple to mount and simple to install.Optimum light yield and life is only possible by these reflectors. ‘’Phantom Commercial DE Reflectors’’ are very effective in covering multi-light designs and allows ideal heat administration as well as longer DE light life.There are reflectors that possess adjustable wings to meet your developing needs as ‘’Xtrasun Aluminum Wing DE Reflector’’.Healthy Harvest Hydroponics and Horticultural Supplies have a variety of Double Ended Grow lights Reflectors as well as all the replacement parts.Every thing from best quality and complete grow light kits to separate parts/products are accessible’. Our products are from top brands and we offering world wide shipping. We are always available to answer your quires. Healthy Harvest ensures healthy plants and happy you!