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Digital Ballasts

If there is a grow light in either your small scale or commercial garden, the use of ballast is crucial. Digital ballasts are available in a complete kit as well as you can buy them separately. Digital ballasts are one of the three fundamental types of ballasts used for efficient working of grow lights. They are viewed as the most recent and most noteworthy sort of ballasts accessible to gardeners. Digital ballasts enhance the life span of a grow light by not letting a light source overheat and instantly detonate. Difference between magnetic and digital ballasts is that magnetic ones essentially utilize an electromagnetic framework to manage the voltage of a bulb. Magnetic ballasts are massive, wasteful, and create a considerable measure of heat, that isn’t a suitable feature. Difference between digital and electronic ballast is their electronic parts that are utilized for voltage regulation of grow lights, Digital ballasts are much more efficient ,as their size is small and ready to operate at a significantly cooler temperature, It likewise permits the producers greater adaptability in controlling and managing the voltage the bulbs/lamps gets. Digital ballast possess an advancement over electric and magnetic ballasts as they are computerized, producers can screen and modify the voltage affecting the genuine practical light a plant gets. We have quality you came to trust , a range of digital ballasts from top brands in the growers market as Eye Hortilux, Nanolux, Galaxy, Phantom and others in best possible rates. We have Nanolux OG Series Digital Ballast that is the lightest and tiniest, OG satisfies its name. It's the first ballast in "Nano style" but it keeps on ruling through advancement. ‘’Nanolux 600W Dual Series Digital Ballast’’ possess a small amount of the weight and size and is intended to run two 600W lights in the meantime. It disentangles your setup by merging two ballasts in to one. Galaxy ballasts. They have thermally improved non-fan cooled aluminum lodging and come pre-set up with a double widespread light rope container that is perfect with almost all reflectors. Phantom Digital Electronic Dimmable ballast is a reliable product that is light is weight, quiet and highest value of lumen. Moreover every ballast available has its own significant features and can be employed according to your grow room.Healthy Harvest Hydroponics and Horticultural Supplies offer worldwide shipping for all products available and ensure best quality and reliability for healthy plants ad happy you !