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Double Ended (DE)

Here is an advanced, controllable and affordable solution to any type of lighting problem of your indoor gardening. Double ended high-pressure sodium (HPS) Bulbs /lamps are one of the product boasting advancements in horticultural lighting systems. These HPS bulbs works on the principle of HID by producing bright light resulting from heating of an electric arc confined inside a tube. In market, a range of durable, efficient and impressive Double ended HPS lighting systems have been developed to provide excellent light maintenance in indoor gardening and better yield. Double ended HPS bulbs have several clear benefits if we compare Double ended HPS bulbs vs Regular Bulbs, DE HPS bulbs degrade slower than single-ended HPS traditional, they tend to maintain their original intensity over time. Double ended HPS bulbs cover larger area because they are brighter than traditional bulbs. Besides this, Larger footprints from the same input energy is claimed by many users. There is not any valuable difference in hotness of DE HPS lightings than traditional bulbs. However, there is recommendation of a higher ceiling for DE HPS bulbs but if you don’t have a high ceiling you can choose from a variety DE HPS bulbs that better suits your situation as adjustable-wing style reflectors, air cooled double ended HPS, non-air cooled double ended HPS attached ballast models and others.

You will see a value of Micromoles printed when choosing DE HPS bulbs, as a plant grower you need to know that it is the energy/photons count plants use to grow. In addition to other factors, your plant’s growth speed and photosynthesis depends on this value. Double ended HPS bulbs usually produce ~2000 micromoles resulting in higher consumable light as well as higher yield of crops.

 Healthy harvest- Hydroponics and Horticultural Supplies offers you a range of Double ended HPS bulbs developed by top-rated and well reputed manufacturers in the hydroponics industry to guarantee best lighting solutions for indoor gardening.Double Ended (DE) lighting system is the best option for your plants, your pocket and for environment. So, if you are planning to upgrade your lighting system just choose any double ended HPS bulbs from healthy harvest suppliers and have a successful gardening experience.