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Double Ended (DE) Ballasts

Double Ended Ballasts are required for proper functioning and spread of DE lights by giving the right voltage expected to begin and direct the light. Healthy Harvest offers an extensive variety of Double Ended Ballasts from the top brands in the grow lights market as Sun System, Galaxy, Nanolux, Phantom etc. Available ballasts are manufactured in a way to give out best energy output. ’’Sun System Hard Core DE HPS’’ is manufacturing's initial 1000 Watt Double Ended HPS lamp compatible ballast. Uncovered configuration is compact and runs cool. ‘Hard Core® DE’ offers prevalent cooling abilities while broadening the life span of the capacitor and ignitor ‘’Hard Core® DE ballast’’ with double voltage effectively changes from 120 to 240 volt control Just unplug separable 8 foot 120 volt powercord(in the package) .strong outline secures inward parts and elastic feet diminish commotion and vibration. Great stabilizer quality with high temp 150°C wire associations will give a very long time of inconvenience free task. Try not to use with different wattages other than 1000watt .’’Galaxy DE Select-A-Watt - 120 - 240 Volt’’ highlights frequency of 105kHz micro processing development for running DE lamps. This Galaxy® DE Select-A-Watt® stabilizer can work a 1000watt light at 600watts, 750watts, 875watts and 1000watts.Set the coveted wattage on the ‘Select-A-Watt®’ dial and introduce the right light. Its valuable features include quiet task and constrained vibration. It also possess thermally upgraded non-fan cooled aluminum lodging. ‘’Nanolux DE Remote Ballast’’ process a Double Ended lamp/bulb in an air-cooled reflector by utilizing remote DE ballast. This stabilizer enables the client to pick different reflector alternatives that enables ballast to work remotely like a conventional electrical ballast. Nanolux DER-APP has expanded the standard of 1150W to 1200W enabling the ballast to drive the light sufficiently hard to create a class driving PAR yield. Nanolux DER-APP is completely fixed and prepared for even the most tough situations. This counterbalance is NCCS APP prepared, which means you will have the capacity to control it remotely on your PC through the ‘’Nanolux Cloud Control System’’. ‘’Phantom Commercial 1000w Double-Ended Digital Ballast w/USB Interface’’ is the construction magnificence of Phantom ballast that is presently joined into new Phantom Commercial Double Ended ballasts collection. With enhanced frequency configuration is improved for 1000watts DE lamps/bulbs, and they highlight a profoundly exact chip and four-way yield control. They are absolutely noiseless, productive and lightweight.