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Double Ended (DE)

To cover the grow lights in indoor garden, nursery and hydroponic cultivating, DE reflectors additionally alluded to as DE hoods, made of Aluminum metal are used. This metallic cover for protection mirrors the light delivered from the globule of a Double Ended row light downwards onto the things underneath. Lighting frameworks utilize a high voltage lamp/bulb with connectors on either end that adjust the knob properly in DE reflector. It is in contrast to the traditional bulbs where light is fixed into a socket. A DE reflector or hood is prescribed in all situations, You just need to choose an appropriate shield for your lighting set up.DE reflectors or hoods increase and focus the light emitting from DE bulbs/lamps onto the canopy or plants as opposed to enabling the light to skip up towards the roof where it is of little use. Increasing the light spectrum and PAR values DE reflectors/hoods prove to be a positive factor in enhancing  photosynthesis rate of the plants.Infect Hoods/Reflectors make lightening use more efficient and economical. A vast range of the best DE reflectors or hoods are available you just need to make a right choice for your grow lightning set up. Healthy Harvest Hydroponics and Horticultural Supplies ensure product quality and the best market rates with worldwide shipping of our available items from top brands.Upgrade your grow room lightening set up today with Healthy Harvest.