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Double Ended (DE) Lighting

DE or Double Ended lighting has become single most popular form of grow light for indoor cultivation and grow rooms.  In large grow operations and grow rooms, HID lighting has been used for ages.  More recently DE lighting has overtaken SE (Single Ended) and A/C (Air Cooled or Air Coolable) as the choice of large growers.  With grow lights of 1125 & 1215 watts, these lights put out over 2100 micromol/s (2106 umol to be exact!).  Popular brands include Gavita, Nanolux, PL Lighting, Hortilux, Dimlux, Phantom, Xtrasun, Sun System and we carry them all for the absolute lowest prices of any online hydroponic store.  Whether growing in a grow tent, closet, bedroom, shed, garage, steel building, warehouse, greenhouse or field, we every major brand of growlight in our industry. Commercial growers and hobbyist growers alike come to us for help in designing, constructing and maintaining their grow lights and grow spaces.  We can assist you from seed to sale, inception to harvest.  If you give us the chance we won't disappoint.  888-259-2074

 Growers often ask "what is the best de light?" or "what is the spread on a double ended light".  Generally DE lights will illuminate between 25 and 42 sq ft (square foot / feet) indoors and even more outdoors or in a green house.  Optimum par levels for the bloom or budding phase will determine the density, weight, quality, flavor and potency of your crops harvest.  Having the proper DE light with the proper light plan along with a dialed in grow space and good canopy management will make for a bountiful harvest.  DE lights are one of the most commonly used lights in cannabis and mmj (medical marijuana) grow facilities.  They're also in many cases the most efficient, because of their increased light intensity and ability to penetrate deep into the plant canopy.  DE Lighting offers the greatest par output of all HPS (High Pressure Sodium) double ended HID lights.  With an increase in PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) the plants will grow larger and the finished product will be heavier.  PAR is measued in micromoles (umol or mmol).  It is important to choose the correct reflector to achieve proper distribution of light.  Many manufacturers such as Phantom, Gavita & Nanolux offer several different reflector hood patterns and configurations.  Open style reflectors illuminate a larger space, upwards of 100 sq ft in a greenhouse or a 6' by 7' area in an indoor grow room.  Mostly all manufacturers offer one or more square type reflectors including Dimlux, Lights Interaction ePapillon & Sun System / Sunlight Supply.  These reflectors will generally illuminate a 20 - 25 square foot area (4' x 5' - 5' x 5').  Other manufacturers such as EYE Lighting Hortilux, Hydrofarm & Solistek offer smaller, specialized hoods for spaces in the 3' x 3' - 4' x 4' range.  For crops that grow several feet in height and have dense foliage, DE lighting may be a lighting solution to consider.  LED Growlights are fantastic for short crops such as lettuce, herbs & micro-greens.  For taller indoor crops or for supplemental green house illumination, DE lighting is generally the most common solution.