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Ducting, Fittings & Accessories

Proper ventilation of your growth room is possible by establishing an appropriate ducting system that can allow free air circulation for maintenance of heat level as well as have long life. Everything you need to set up a ducting system including fittings and accessories that assist to maintain a healthy indoor garden is available at our site. A vast variety of high quality and cut-rate products in different sizes and measurements as connectors with a range of diameters(4'', 6'', 8'', 10'',12'’,14’’), ducting clamps, damper, fan speed controllers, duct reducers, heat shield fan covers, flange kits, axial inline fans and several others supplies are accessible. Connectors make ventilation of multiple zones possible, making air uncontaminated and renewed in your growth room. If you want to lower noise from fans /carbon filter systems,choose a compatible duct muffler to fit your system.The prescription and properties of products are available.

The products are high quality, corrosion resistant and best suitable also for Hydroponic setups. Fittings make your duct connections secure, durable and able to withstand with increased or decreased temperature as ranging from -20°C to 80°C. We offer products manufactured using galvanized steel and are from top brands in the market to make your indoor garden well ventilated and noise free.

To make your gardening life easy and breezy, we ship Ducting, Fittings and all required Accessories throughout the world including USA, North America and Canada etc.Do not hesitate to contact us for product or shipment queries.