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Fans & Ventilation

Here at Healthy Harvest, we have everything you require to ensure your groom room has proper ventilation. Our great selection of grow room ducting fans gives you plenty of options to choose from. From Hyper-Fans to blowers and other ducting supplies, we have the equipment you need to for a bountiful harvest.

Toxic odors or fumes and improper ventilation are detrimental to the health of your plants. Eliminate any foul smells with the right grow room ventilation ducting supplies from Healthy Harvest today.  Inline duct fans and blowers are used for an array of purposes in an indoor garden.  Carbon filters, intake, exhaust, cooling, heating, air exchange and air circulation are all common uses for centrifugal fans and can fans.  Premium fans such as Vortex and Fantech are used in many industries including medical, industrial, mmj (medical marijuana), hvac and more.  Brands unique to the hydroponics & gardening industry are Hurricane & Ecoplus (which are manufactured by Sunlight Supply / Sun System), Hydrofarm Active Air and Can Fan & Filter.  These brands are used in grow rooms and greenhouses across the world for air conditioning, climate control and air filtration.  They're often paired with Charcoal Filters (also referred to as Carbon Scrubbers & Charcoal Scrubbers) to remove noxious and unwanted smells and odors from your grow space or growroom.  It is particularly important for Hydroponic growers who grow indoors to maintain a consistent and precise growing environment which includes proper temperature, humidity & co2 levels.  Cold air intake and hot air exhaust are the main functions of these blowers, but often they're used in addition for heating and cooling and carbon filtration.  Inline fans are also used to connect to growlights through ducting to extract excess heat generated by 1000 watt Single Ended & Double Ended Grow lights.  Air-Cooling (or the utilization of Air-Cooled or Air-Coolable Fixtures) is one of the most efficient ways to cool a commercial grow room.  While some light is lost due to the glass on these air cooled reflectors, the heat that is extracted is made up in the reduced electricity costs by cutting down on air conditioners.  Inline fans will remain a staple in grows for many years to come whether growing in a grow tent or in a commercial grow house facility.