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FloraFlex 90° 1/4 in Long Plunge Drippers

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FloraFlex 90° 1/4 in Long Plunge Drippers
Use the 90° 1/4 inch Long Plunge Drippers with Drip Shields or utilize them as stand-alone drippers. Deliver water and nutrients straight to the root zone of your plants with the subsurface design, which allows the drops to fall 3/4 inch below the surface and dispense out of the three slots at its bottom. Eliminates algae & use of pesticides by keeping the top of the media dry. 1/4 in barbed nozzle. Self-Cleaning, pressure compensating torturous path. Color coded for easy recognition. Reusable and made from BPA and lead-free plastic. 1 - 4 GPH/10 - 50 PSI.
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