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Grasshoppers are one of the most common pests of houseplants and any territory with vegetation. Commonly they are green, brown or yellowish and elongated leaping insects and they can also fly. Grasshoppers are same form of insects as caterpillars and beetles having chewing mouthparts. Grasshoppers can be found all through USA, Canada, Greenland, Bermuda and many other states in both indoor and outdoor garden, rangelands and forests. They can travel to long distances for sustenance with the help of their strong hind/back legs and are hard to control. You will need to frequently combat these garden pests coming for food. Female grasshoppers can lay hundreds of eggs that hatch in spring season producing ‘’nymphs’’ that take 40-60 days to transform into adult/mature grasshoppers. Their unrestrained population can destroy your garden leading to extensive loss. Extremely cold weather of Winters kills these insects but not their eggs that hatch in spring period.

Grasshoppers damage plants by chewing and making openings/holes and cuts in host plant tissues, leaves, stems,roots and any edible plant part. They are herbivores and damage a wide range of plants though grasses are their favourite. As a result of their damage fruits, vegetables or plant parts may look as though they are not growing properly or may be chewed.

‘’How to Get Rid of Grasshoppers in the Garden?’’

Once you recognize garden pests you are able take control measures. Grasshoppers are easier to control in small indoor gardens however you can’t ignore them. It is crucial to destroy their eggs before they hatch. You can use insecticides at any time of the year.Healthy harvest Hydroponics and horticulture supplies offer Safer® Brand Insecticidal Sprays effective for a vast variety of soft and hard bodied pests in your garden, these insecticides do not harm beneficial insects and are perfect for organic gardening.

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