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Heat Mats & Thermostats

Ideal germination conditions are vital for hydroponic or outdoor gardening. Heat mats for hydroponic frameworks is a standout amongst the most essential and powerful upgrades to germination and rooting. A heat mat by adding uniform warmth to your plants will accelerate germination by days. Heat mats give consistent and ideal temperature to different plants all year long. A thermostat or a digital temperature controller allows complete temperature control of these heat mats in colder or hotter temperature on scale. Electric Heat mats are an easier and simpler option to provide seedlings best suited temperature and optimum warmth required by most of your favourite plants.We supply advance and heavy duty heat mates from standard to any size that fits your tray to greenhouse. Our featured supersized, durable and waterproof heat mates are perfect for commercial plantation. View, order and get instructions of use anywhere in the world at healthy harvest Hydroponics and horticulture supplies.

To ensure faster and maximum rate of germination of your seeds browse best supplies of Plant heat mates at Healthy harvest . We guarantees healthy plants and happy you!