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Hoods & Reflectors

Searching for quality grow light hoods, wings, or reflectors for sale? Healthy Harvest has everything a dedicated gardener needs to maximize the growth and health of their plants. For the indoor gardener, it’s essential to have a setup that includes lighting hoods as light keeps plants healthy and boosts growth. Grow light wing reflectors allow you to make the most out of your light source, preventing light from escaping. This will allow your plants to make the right amount of energy. The ideal strategy is to adjust the reflector to contort in a way that surrounds the grow light. This spreads the light over the plants.


Reflectors are used to spread light uniformly all over the growing area and make usable light efficient and economical. Three major types of reflectors in the market are ;


1.            Open Grow light Reflectors


2.            Air-cooled adjustable Reflectors


3.            DE Reflectors


‘’Open Vs Closed air cooled grow lights’’ are two types of light reflectors of ‘’open or closed air cooled’’. Open grow light reflectors are enabled to adjust the light focused down and outwards as well as don’t allow the heat level to elevate. While in contrast ‘’closed, air cooled reflector’’ works differently, are a fixed unit that have a sheet of glass joined to the base and vents on either side for the hotness to escape to be pumped from your garden. Both the reflectors are suitable for variable plants depending on their needs for example heat sensitive plants entail air-cooled Reflectors. Hoods and reflectors comes in variable shapes, designs and shapes e.g. Square, Rectangular, Large. Compact, Parabolic, We truly can't make a proposal on these in light of the fact that they will all work well for their motivations under various, particular conditions.


How to choose a right grow light Reflector?


Every one of above mentioned designs and shapes vary in footprint, focusing and spectrum of light. To make right decision in choosing an appropriate reflector or hood is essential because it may be a risk to your plants if you use a wrong one. We have categories for DE,SE, Florescent grow lights and prescriptions from manufacturing companies to assist you in choosing a right one.


Grow light reflectors are an essential and critical piece of the hydroponic business.


When you need efficient and affordable grow light hoods, wings, and reflectors, choose Healthy Harvest. Browse our great selection today.