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Humidity Domes & Propagation Trays

To begin growth of seedlings, cuttings and any plant starting material Cloning Domes, Trays and supplies are offered that gives an easy and economical start of indoor gardening. Healthy-harvest offers a substantial choice of plates/trays as trays with 72 cells, 10x20 w/ holes ,11''x21, 2 ft x 4 ft Propagation Tray, germination station, root maker trays and everything you need to get plants off to the correct begin. There is a huge variety of sizes and designs , you can pick according to your gardening requirements. We also offer a range of supplies to make sure growers get each and every thing they need to get fast and healthy outcome.

Browse Healthy-harvest Hydroponics and horticulture supplies online store to buy required item from top brands in country. We ensure healthy plants and happy you!