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Your vegetable garden is no more safe if you notice presence of inchworms, they are smooth, Light green caterpillars with a couple of white lines down their backs and one line lengthways on lateral sides. Eggs are pale green and can be found on the underside of plant leaves. They are also distinguished as cankerworms, spanworms or cabbage loopers. Existence of Inch worms in your garden can be detected by shaking branches gently to identify the inhabiting larvae and pest or by inspection of your plants.Host plants will have observable minor but visible holes between leaf venation. Inchworms infect wide range of plants including fruit trees and more often all type of vegetables. Inch worms can cause significant damage to your garden if left uncontrolled at start of infestation. Throughout spring and fall (September- November) life cycle of inchworms begins after hatching from eggs laid by female worms throughout North America.

How to get rid of Inchworms in garden?

Inchworms can invade your houseplants at any time of the year.Monitor your plants regularly and carefully. Notice the presence of hairless larvae type, light green, half or an inch-long creature on your plants. Insecticides/Pesticides for organic gardeners are offered that can eliminate infestation along with eggs from your plants. You can utilize them without fear of toxicity on vegetables/organic products.

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