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Inline Duct Fans & Blowers

Inline duct fans, also referred to as centrifugal fans or blowers, are commonly used in gardens, greenhouses and grow rooms to exchange air through intake and exhaust.  Can fans are also used to air cool air-cooled reflector hoods so the hot air and heat load from the grow lights does not affect the environment inside the grow space.  Using air coolable reflectors allows growers to run reflectors closer to the plant canopy thus allowing more light to penetrate your crop.  Hyper Fans are among the quietest inline fans on the market while Can Max Fans are the most powerful and energy efficient.  Vortex is a very popular line which offers several models including the S-Line and standard fan.  Valuline fans such as Active Air & Hurricane are also very popular as they're inexpensive yet high quality.  In climates such as South Florida or California, inline fans are a necessity in almost every growroom due to excess heat and humidity.  Most inline fans have a flange on each side of the fan allowing them to be attached to ducting and/or a carbon filtration system.  Fans generally "pull" far more efficiently than they "push", meaning they should be placed at the end of runs to extract heat, rather than at the front of runs having to push air through.  Growers may want to use insulated ducting to avoid air leaks (odor) & condensation from forming in/around the ducts.  Fan speed controllers can be used to control the velocity of air or CFM rating of your fan.  The best inline fans come with between 3 and 5 year warranty but should last much longer.  We carry a full line of inline duct fans including 4". 5". 6". 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18" & 20 inch!  With cubic foot per minute ratings between 35 cfm and 10,000 cfm, we have the blower for you.  We carry industrial quality brands specifically geared towards the hydroponic and gardening industry that are made to last.  Customers often ask "What size fan to I need to cool or ventilate my grow room"?  or "What size fan do I need for my carbon filter?".