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Leaf Miners

Black flies on your plants causing yellowish scribbles or discolored linear patterns on leaves are most probably leaf minors invading your garden. Commonly their harm is unsightly but superficial however in severe case of infestation you may observe defoliation. These insects are considered to cause serious damage only in larval stage, during this period they live inside leaves where they feed on soft plant tissues, creating ‘’mines’’ of ‘’dead’’ plant cells and develop into n0n descript winged insects. For identification of leaf miners in your garden, spots or bumpy discoloured linear shapes can be a marked. Presence of these pests in your garden have negative impact on their health and growth. There are various types of leaf mining insects include moths, flies, beetles,vegetable leaf miners etc. and almost all of them cause comparable damage on different plant species. Leafminers prefer to feed on soft tissues of plants thus leafy vegetables or other plant products are also at risk. Optimal growth season of leaf miners is spring.

Control of leaf miners:

To identify and control garden pests/insects you need to monitor your plants regularly. The existence of these flies in your garden is an indication of the presence of their larvae that can be severely problematic for quite a lot of types of plants if left uninhibited. If you find their eggs pluck the infected leaf or remove them manually. To control both larvae and adult leaf miners you need to thoroughly spray an organic pesticide in your garden before infestation gets severe. We offer a range of Insecticidal sprays, leaf miner traps, other effective lawn and garden products.

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