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Meters, Pens & Monitors

For the control and measurement of pH level, temperature range or conductivity of growth medium Meters, Pens & Monitors are manufactured by different companies to assist gardeners. Meters and pens are an easy way to adjust what’s fluctuating in nutrient solution, Monitors are for consistent checking of pH level, temperature range and conductivity in ppm,EC,Monitors sow the values/readings on its screen , giving you the control to identify when your set up needs changing. These electronic gadgets reveal to you when a factor has moved from the perfect range, as a result you can make changes immediately.Monitors, pens and meters show consistent, easy to read and precise evaluations.Temperature is measured in °C or °F,conductivity in ppm/EC and an accurate pH value in depth.With automatic features these gadgets are best for hydroponic set ups and can be used for any kind of plants with different conductivity and pH requirements during their life cycle.They are easy to use and applicable for small scale or home growers too.We offer complete kits giving you all that you have to set up an exact, simple to oversee, robotized hydroponic supplement administration framework. These packs have not only intended for side interest or home hydroponic cultivators but also for commercial scale set ups.Our offered products are from top brands in the market like Bluelab, pHep,Hanna,Autopilot,Milwaukee Instruments,Rose city etc.

Healthy Harvest Hydroponics and Horticultural Supplies ensure best quality and economical equipment for healthy plants and happy you! Nutrient solutions are measured on several different scales, including PPM (parts per million), EC (electrical conductivity) & TDS (total dissolved solids).  Growers use different scales such as 500 & 700 on PPM.  All growers should also use special care in calibrating their meters by using calibration solution.  4.0, 7.0 & 1500 are the most commonly used calibration solutions.  Tools to measure pH & PPM come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  At Healthy Harvest we recommend Bluelab PH & PPM Pens for hobbyist growers.  Truncheon meters are durable and reliable and come with 5 year warranty.  Another popular option is a continuous meter, which come both portable (Bluelab Combo) & wall-mount (Bluelab Guardian).  These meters use probes that continuously monitor the solution, and pH controllers are used to automatically regulate the solution at all times.  The newer Connect controllers are even wifi equipped and you can monitor your hydroponic reservoir over your phone remotely.