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Nutrients & Additives

The nutrients your plants receive can make the difference between a good harvest and a great one. Using the proper plant nutrients and additives will help with growth rate and development. Make sure your plants are being fed with quality hydroponic plant nutrients from Healthy Harvest for the best possible results. Browse our extensive collection of plant additives that will boost your plants growth and health.

  1. Do you have custom feed charts or product feeding schedules?
    Yes, We have custom feed schedules for most product lines in the market. Please Contact us and we will be happy to help you with a custom feed chart.
  2. If we have our own nutrient schedule, will you be able to recommend a product to increase yields? 
    Yes, please let us know what you are currently feeding your plants and we will be able to recommend something that will complement your feed schedule. We can also recommend a fertilizer you are already using to further the yields or quality of your harvest.


Nutrients, fertilizers, supplements, bloom boosters, root inoculants & stimulators, vitamins, amino acids, triacontanol, pgr (plant growth regulators), npk mineral formulas, compost tea, beneficial bacteria are all ingredients that go into creating a successful feeding chart and feed regimen for your grow room or grow operation.  Having the proper ratios at the correct time in the plants life is essential to maximizing yield and quality.  Plant nutes today are formulated to tailor to each phase of the plants life.  High nitrogen formulas and rich biological and organic amendments are mixed into soil in the early stages of a plants life.  Root stimulators and excelerators are used to begin root growth on clones, cuttings and seedlings.  In hydroponics including DWC (deep water culture), ebb and flow (flood and drain) rockwool, recirculating and drain to waste systems, growers will use specially formulated nutrients mixtures for each stage of plant life.  During the bloom phase growers use phosphorus and potassium rich supplements to enhance bud and flower growth and to drive resin and terpene production.  Following the nutrient manufacturers feed chart or feeding chart is recommended so plants are given proper nutrition.  Growers using different growing media should use fertilizer specifically made for their medium.  Coco or coconut coir requires special attention to calcium and magnesium (cal-mag).  Soil growers will need a basic mixture such as a micro, grow and bloom 3-part or a simple 1 or 2-part nutrient system.  Aeroponic and DWC (deep water culture) growers will need to fine tune their nutrient mixture as these plants have no media to buffer the root zone.  Soilless mix and peat moss with perlite mixtures require a mid to high strength nutrient mix to maintain optimum plant growth.  Rockwool plant food can be recirculated and reused rather than being utilized in a drain to waste system.  NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) is also popular among hydro growers because you can recycle the nutrient mix.  Some nutrients require air stones and air pumps to keep the mixture fresh while others only require a water pump for circulation.  Beneficial bacteria and compost tea are very popular and organic gardening is something everyone should consider.  You can look for OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified or OMRI listed stampes, CDFA (The California Department of Food and Agriculture) or OIM Advanced Nutrients or USDA Organic.  True living organics  has become popular where growers "build" soil using amendments and beneficial bacteria.  Once the soil is thriving with mycorrhizae and trichoderma  and bacillus growers will feed the plant sugar which feeds the microbes and breaks down the nutrient into usable form for the plant.  These plants are free from heavy metals or unhealthy carcinogens and best for human consumption.  Commercial growers in large grow operations who are geared towards production but also don't want to skimp on quality use specially formulated nutrient mixtures to push their plants to their true genetic potential.