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Parabolic Reflectors is a kind of electrical lamp allow a wide, uniform and even spread of light in your indoor garden. You can hang one or more reflectors in your grow room depending upon your requirements and area. You can also raise /lower the light intensity level or brightness level. Healthy Harvest offers the best parabolic reflectors in gardening industry.Parabolic reflectors comes in different diameters. ‘’Parabolic 48'' in White Reflector’’ from Sun System is brushed aluminum outwardly and splendid white within. It incorporates a selective Adjust a Socket mounting section that enables the client to alter the light. ‘’Xtrasun 42'' Parabolic HV Reflector’’ conveys all the light down to the plants so that light spreads comprehensively and equally.Healthy Harvest Hydroponics and Horticultural Supplies offer world wide shipping of high quality products in gardening industry. We ensure healthy plants and happy you!