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Perlite, Rocks & Amendments

An important product in the cultivation business is perlite that is blended with soil. Perlite is also called as ‘’sponge rock’’ because of its spongy/porous structure .It is much lighter in weight than soil and enhance water holding capacity of soil as well as improves aeration. These features don’t let soil in pots to compress and enable plants to have consistent drainage and optimal root development. Besides this addition of perlite also raise the nutrient withholding capability of soil and recovers structure of topsoil. This aggregate possess neutral pH and is non-reactive with any chemical may be used in garden. Rocks or stones are also used to avoid excessive moisture and for well aerated root zone, providing a layer specially to plants grown in plastic pots with saucers underneath them.These rocks vary in size and are made up of non reactive materials i e glass.Different soil less mediums along with soil amendments are offered to provide an optimal environment for seed germination, propagation or to grow cuttings as well as best hydroponic growing mediums. Perlite, Rocks & Amendments prevent pots from over watering when added in an appropriate amount usually 1/3 or ¼. Perlite, Rocks & Amendments can also act as a reservoir by acting as absorbent of water and nutrients. Moreover all soil additives offered are stable, sterile and odorless to avoid any contamination in your growing zone.In Horticulture, Aquaponics/Hydroponics and outdoor gardening (landscaping). Perlite, rocks and amendments are being used for decades throughout the world. It is good to know that perlite is consumed and produced in USA the largest scale in the world.

All these soil amendments are used and required for an ideal start and the best end, Healthy Harvest Hydroponics and Horticultural Supplies  offer best quality ,unique and contamination free growing mediums from the best brands in market to ensure healthy plants and happy you !