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pH / EC / TDS / PPM Meters & Solutions

  1. Will you help calibrate or test a pH or PPM meter? 
    Yes, we offer full supposed on meter and measuring equipment. Bring by your equipment to your local hydro store and we will be more than happy to help.
  2. How to calibrate a pH Meter? 
    First step is to check if the solution bulb in front of the meter has not been dry for an extended period. If it has, please dip your meter in storage solution for 24 hours. Once the sensor has been rehydrated, then you can use 4.0, 7.0, or 10.0 calibration solution to calibrate your pen. Most meters will have a calibration button or a small hole on the back where you can use a small screw driver to adjust the settings. The life of the pH meter is to never let the solution bulb on the tip to dry, keep it always stored in storage solution, or also known as KCI solution.