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Plagron Power Roots

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Plagron Power Roots
Organic stimulator for rapid and vigorous root development Power Roots is an exclusive development from Plagron specifically brewed to provide an extensive and healthy network of roots during the growth and bloom stage. The organic base of this root stimulator, ensures strong healthy transplants with increased resistance to environmental stress. Inositol, one of the secret ingredients, is meticulously fortified into the Power Roots recipe, and is directly responsible for increasing the plant's root system metabolism. The majority of the use of Power Roots is during vegetative growth. As previously mentioned, the versatility is applicable in flowering, blooming, and fruiting development as well, especially in gardens that did NOT have Power Roots in the vegetative stages. The unique Humic sources are prized by Plagron, and evident in both visual appearance and nose of the product itself. Combine Power Roots with ANY vegetative base regiment and watch your root growth explode! Why use Power Roots Ensures a vigorous and healthy root system Promotes growth and plant system immunity Increases vitality and nutrient uptake Relieves transplanting stress and shock Suitable for all watering systems and growing substrates
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