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Cyco Nutrients Grow A & B + Bloom A & B 5 Liter Bundle

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Cyco Nutrients Grow A & B + Bloom A & B 5 Liter Bundle
CYCO® Grow A and B give support to a plants natural growth by supplying a range of macro and micro nutrients, which are needed to give a plant the best possible start in its early development. Calcium, iron, manganese, copper, sodium and zinc are just a few of the elements in CYCO Grow that combine to support growth, cell development, and fruit quality. A and B formulas are sold separately. CYCO Bloom A and B provide potassium that aids in fruit quality, calcium for normal transport and retention of nutrients, and magnesium to help activate plant enzymes needed for growth. Together, every element in Bloom A and B plays a role in helping to produce the best quality fruit or flower within the bloom stage of a plant’s life cycle.
cyco grow/bloom 5L
50.24 LBS