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Reflective Greenhouse Films & Mylar

Which reflective film to pick from? Which film is more reflective?

These are some of the questions people ask. It has been tested that white poly such as Panda Film or Orca Film is more reflective than the regular mirror film such as reflective Mylar. In addition from the white surface being more reflective it also make the grow room look more cleaner and it's also a much thicker plastic material. Mylar normally comes 4' wide and 25', 50' or 100' long. When black and white poly some in 10' wide and 25' 50' 100' in length, making it easier to cover a whole wall. The black and white thick plastic is also used sometimes to divide rooms in half, due to it not allowing light to pass through. We can ship this material worldwide because it is not hazardous. We can ship it from any of our warehouse in Denver, Miami, Michigan, or California. This being an all time favorite for grow houses in miami and south florida.