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Cloning Gels & Solutions

Asexual methods including cloning to produce new plants is of extraordinary significance specially in indoor gardening, ‘’Clone’’ a genuine duplicate of a plant can be produced utilizing this propagation technique. Asexual propagation strategies are simple and fast than growing plant through seedlings. Cloning Gel and Nutrients go about as fuel for plant generation. Cloning Gel and Nutrients contain hormones, vitamins, minerals and growth promoting singredients. They make sure healthy, effective and fast outcome. Propagation rate of infrequent plants can likewise be upgraded. Rooting solutions ought to trigger healthy root emergence from explant.

Shop from a range of Cloning Gels and Nutrients from brands like Hydrodynamics, Botanicare, Hormex and others in reasonable low prices at Healthy harvest hydroponics and horticulture supplies.We guarantee healthy plants and happy you!