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Slugs / Snails

Brown garden snail,Helix aspersa, land snail, Cornu aspersum are all names used for common garden snail come within family Helicidae.

Snails and slugs are relatives and both damage gardens. They possess tentacles. Muscular limbs are also a feature of both slugs and snails. Snails possess a brown coloured shell while most slugs are practically without shell, in case of little shells, they can't pull back their body into it. Shell basically provide a kind of security from natural enemies and from harsh dry environment, however we can’t call it a home of snails. Snails have a rough blade like tongue and teeth which they use to eat host plant leaves, they will bite through the newly emerged delicate leaves and outer sides or edges of old leaves, soft stems, flowers and fruits. Slugs also prefer to feast upon plant leaves and rupturing them, they can also eat whole young leaves and in some cases also the underground eatable portions (roots, bulbs etc) of host plants.

Hedgehog species are natural enemies of slugs. Slugs are perineal pests that can infect your garden at the onset of growing anywhere in the world. At the point where the growing season is going all out and the growth area is brimming with lovely plants and tasty leafy foods, slugs and snails can attack and make vegetation unattractive.

‘’How to get rid of garden snails and slugs?’’

Monitor your garden regularly, once you identify, there are a lot of ways to control garden slugs and snails. Unharmful insecticides/pesticides that can be used on all type of plants and growing areas are best to choose. Browse our lawn/garden products that are safe to use and will eliminate broad range of garden pests.