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Soilless Mixes

Quality of growing medium is one of the most important factors to guarantee that your plants are getting proper water, aeration and nutrition. Common garden soil isn’t recommended for indoor gardening due to presence of unwanted seeds, weeds, tiny insects, spores of different disease causing organisms and other contamination, prevailing in soil if not treated with heat or disinfected. Besides this poor air circulation, drainage and compactness is also a reason for not choosing garden soil as indoor growing medium. While a soilless mix is weed free, sterilized and evades compaction. It is a mixture of different ingredients to keep up a structure that aids in controlling air and water ratio for better root development. This media absorb water easily and possess water or nutrient retention properties and release them when needed. In this way over watering can be avoided, and suitable conditions for most of the plant diseases as damp soil with poor aeration are inaccessible. Soilless mix gets moisture uniformly and has consistent structure and properties without tilling.It can be used for every type of plants and any type of growing zone for healthy results. Soilless mix is not just a random mixture of different amendments, it is specially blended using materials that can handle a vast variety of plants and released for gardener's use after repeated trials.

Soilless mix like Pro-Mix® HP contain bio-fungicides to prevent plants from any fungal infection and eliminate the spread of root ailments in your garden.It is the best control of oxygen and water. Soilless mix is suitable for plants at any stage as seed germination,plantlets /seedlings or cuttings propagation, vegetable plants and mature plant's maximum growth improving its vigor and performance.Growers concerned with crop seasonality use this formulated mixture to fulfill their needs.

Soilless mix is suitable for indoor gardening in very city of the gardening world as North California, Miami, Florida, Colorado, Denver, Michigan, , Los Angeles, Oregon, Detroit, Georgia, Tampa, Costa Rica, Colombia, Bahamas, Jamaica and other states. Healthy Harvest Hydroponics and Horticultural Supplies offer best indoor garden growing mediums to ensure healthy plant and happy you!