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Spider Mites

A nuisance troubles the indoor gardeners face is apparently show up in form of spider mites. They are typically tiny pests having dark or gleaming, yellow, red, green or brown colour. Spider mites are also sucking type of spiders like other destructive garden agents. They are five millimetres in length and hard to see with naked eye and can be observed with the help of magnification lenses /hand lenses. They are known to infect a wide range of plants in your indoor garden, hydroponics and outdoor gardens. ‘’Two-spotted spider mites’’ are most common type of spider mites encountered by growers.

Spider mites have extremely fast life cycle. It can differ some amongst species, also fluctuates with temperature, however with all parasites, it incorporates the egg arrange, the larval stage, two nymph and finally grown-up phase. At around 26+ 1 degree C spider mites advance from egg to grown-up in four to five days but takes half a month in cooler temperatures. Whenever garden or plants left unattended, there are numerous generations of these parasites every year. Grown-up females live for about 30 days, can lay hundreds of eggs amid that time.

Symptoms of spider mites infestation start showing symptoms from undersides of leaves, and after that move from one leaf to other while sucking sap, as they deplete the plant of plant’s imperative fluid, and as the parasite continue reproduction and boosting populace. Damage displays yellow-dotted or blotchy leaves , however rapidly apparent on the surfaces well. Host plant leaves inevitably turn yellow or dark coloured, and the whole plant will be wilted because of its failure to continue basic life processes. Gardeners will also observe spider webs spin by these pests on different plant parts.

Like most of other plant pests spider mites also grow optimally in warm and dry seasons. They can be found thorough USA,UK, Canada and other European countries. They can infect a wide range of plants including ornamentals, vegetables and fruits.

''How to get rid of spider mites?''

Conventional insecticides hardly have an effective control over spider mites in your garden. Controlled and sanitized growing areas are best way for restricting spider mites invasion. Do not leave your plants unchecked and remove dead or wilted plant parts.However Healthy Harvest offers you a range of safe and best insecticides with worldwide shipping that help in controlling spider mites.