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Starter Plugs & Cloning Media

An extraordinary begin leads towards the best result. A perfect beginning of plant's development depends on best choice of cloning media and Plugs. Growing Trays with starter plugs are your answer for plant propagation or germination. Mostly Trays with plugs are pre moistened, ready to use and you don't need to worry about pH or addition of any rooting hormone. Plugs are used for both soil or soilless gardening and are composed of treated tree husk/bark and natural materials like peat moss. Plugs provide perfect starting home for seedlings or cuttings offering protection and support. Super Sprouter® Plugs give a perfect air and water proportion to ensure plants the most ideal begin. Oasis Horticubes Growing Media makes small scale hydroponic growing easy and optimal. A-OK Starter Plugs are intended for vegetative propagation, cloning and germinating seeds. Rockwool is acknowledged to be the best medium for cloning plants and specially vegetables. Clone gardens tend to be more reliable in tallness and size than plants developed from seed. Clones additionally necessitate less time to achieve full-term development and yield. Cloning Media and Plugs come with instructions to use.

View a vast variety of our featured items suitable for all type of cloning systems for home or commercial growers as Jump Start Bulk Pellets, Jump Start Accela ROOT Starter Plugs ,GH Rapid Rooter®, Planters' Pride® Greenhouse Kits & Pellet Refills, Root Shooters ,EZ-Clone® Colored Cloning Collars and many other ready to use products.

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