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Tandem Twister T2 Package (with or without conveyors)

$37,280.00 $23,790.00
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Tandem Twister T2 Package (with or without conveyors)

Package includes (2) FULL Twister T2 Trimmers.  Choose WET or DRY tumbler package and choose WITH or WITHOUT conveyor systems.  We can customize systems to your specifications, call TODAY!


Scale Up & Save Labor

Unique to Twister, adding multiple machines back to back in tandem allows you to "Scale Up" your production up to 150% without adding any additional labor cost.


Trim More.Even Faster.

Closest Cut

Running multiple Twisters end to end give you the closest cut in the shortest amount of time. You can feed the machines as fast as you can and each flower will come out trimmed as though they were cut by hand with scissors.

Less Labor

​Running two Twisters side by side doubles the output but also doubles the manpower required to operate the machines. By placing multiple Twisters end-to-end you only require one operator and thus more than double productivity.


You asked for it, we listened. The best trimmers on the planet can
now trim dry using our new DRY Soft Tumble technology.


Trim a broad range of moisture content, 11% to fully hydrated.


Our trimmers are designed for continuous flow and runtime.


Why tumble your delicate flowers for 20 minutes, when 30 seconds will do?


We've got your back

With over a decade leading the industry, we stand behind our trimmers with a full 3 year warranty, plus an optional 2 year extended warranty. Plus, you'll have access to top-tier tech support available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

500.00 LBS