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Sucking insects with spike piercing mouthparts are most common garden pests including thrips. They invade both indoor and outdoor gardens damaging various garden vegetables, fruits and flowers, more often onion, citrus, carrots, pomegranate, peaches, grapes, strawberries, squash, rose and herbs. Thrips can be identified as tinny insects with two sets of feathery wings (not necessarily) and hard to notice with naked eye unless exasperates, jumping rapidly or flying away. Indoor plants are usually under lower risk of this infestation but once thrips enter in your grow room they will feast upon your plants in groups. A single insect can lay 4- 10 eggs per day without any prerequisite of mating and rise in number rapidly, so it doesn't take well before you have an extensive invasion staring you in the face. Warm weather is ideal growing season when thrips can complete their life cycle in just two weeks while their replication slows down in winters. From larvae to adult thrips grow through four stages. Young thrips are pale green in colour and usually without wings.

Such bugs suck plant juices/saps with piercing mouthparts and feast upon leaves, fruits and flowers creating problems for gardeners. Larvae of thrips can be present in pots on soil layer. Clear symptoms of invasion are gleaming streaked regions on leaves and dim spots on blooms. Infected leaves may turn yellow leading to wilting. Thrips being a vector of some plant viruses are extremely harmful for your garden.

Thrips can figure out how to pass in your garden by going on you, your visitors, pets or any one that goes to your garden from outside. They are also attracted to grow lights. Once they are in inside, your houseplants become host plants.

Check your garden/plants routinely and take control measures as soon as you notice existence of pests or any damage cause by them. Proper identification and control of garden pests are interrelated. Browse our site for a variety of broad spectrum safe insecticides for hydroponics,indoor and outdoor gardens. Featured products control population of pests by killing larvae before growing into adult egg laying stage.

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