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Timers, Controllers, Parts & Accessories

Influence your indoor gardening life by utilizing programmed grow light timers, controllers and other accessories. Grow light Timers and controllers are designed to automatically regulate the atmosphere of growing area. Grow light timers are designed to automatically switch ON/OFF your grow lightings at the exact time that you set. With both simpler and advanced timers, you can program the light cycles according to day, every week or various times each day. Larger growing areas with advanced grow lighting systems with cutting edge develop lighting frameworks demand controllers and timers wired in breaker. Timers/controllers commonly direct many grow lights working from 240 volts. These gadgets can likewise control supply timings of other electronic devices in your hydroponic set up. Every single required Part  & Accessories for a complete programmed circuit controlling grow lighting time intervals is available. Just follow the installation instructions and ensure perfect dark-light cycle in your grow room.

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