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Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Tobacco mosaic virus is a plant disease that badly effect your indoor and outdoor garden.The infection goes between plants by and large through a mechanical way.Even you can be a vector to spread the disease. Besides this insect pests that feed on your plants can also be a vector of this viral disease. Effected plants may have brown streaks and leaf abscission.Discoloured mosaic pattern can also be observed on effected areas.Infection can't be controlled once they have been spread. There are different viral strains that effect differently and more often cause mottled buds containing dead tissues, underdeveloped plants and poor yield.  The tobacco mosaic infection can sit consistently and steadily in processed tobacco products, it is a critical way in keeping the spread of this infection to your plants.Once you identify tobacco mosaic virus infestation in your garden, discard infected plant immediately to avoid spread of disease. It is better to avoid smoking in your garden. Disinfect your garden’s soil before sowing any kind of seeds.Leaves, flowers, fruits, roots or any plant part of plant can be damaged. Ornamental plants, tobacco, tomatoes, potatoes and many horticultural and vegetable plants are susceptible. Tobacco mosaic virus can infest your garden throughout

''How to control tobacco mosaic virus?''

Once the infection is triggered it is very hard to control its spread. It is better to control the vectors of this virus by spraying of suitable insecticides. Monitor your garden regularly and take no time in discarding decaying plant parts. 

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