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Trimming Machines & Harvest Supplies

We carry a full range of Bud & Leaf Trimmers at Healthy Harvest.  From small hobbyist gardens to the largest of commercial facilities, we have a trimming system that will fit your needs.  We are authorized distributors for Twister Trimmer, Centurion Pro Trimmer, Tom's Tumble Trimmer, TrimPro, TrimPal, Ez-Trim, Shearline Trimmers, GreenBroz Trimmers, Triminator, Senshi, Bonsai Hero Shears & MORE!  From small hand held scissors, to table trimmers to large tandem inline tumble trimmer set ups, we have the absolute lowest prices in the country guaranteed.  We carry a vast array of trimming supplies including drying nets and drying racks, dehumidifiers, humidity control kits (integra & boveda), humidifiers, shears and scissors, trimmer lubricant, extraction tools & machines, money counters, packaging supplies (vacuum sealers, vacuum bags, ball jars & stashtainers), odor blocking carbon lined bags, digital scales and MORE!  Whether cutting your flowers with a dry tumbler or wet tumbler, we carry spare replacement parts for all major brands of leaf trimming machines in our industry.  We have machines (such as Twister T6 & Centurion Tabletop & Mini, TrimPro Unplugged, Original & Rotor with Workstation) for small hobbyist grows that process between 1-5 pounds per hour, Mid range machines (such as Twister T4, Centurion Pro Original & Silver Bullet




Healthy Harvest offers and stocks a full line of leaf trimming machines. We specialize on some of the most popular and best tumbler Twister trimmers along with Centurion Trimmers. On the other spectrum we have table trimmer like Trimpro with their Original model and the TrimPro Rotor model. Other type of trimmers we also carry are the Tom's Tumbler, Trimpal, and EzTrim. Spare parts for all these leaf trimming machines are all available on an order basis, due to the large number of parts that are available. 

Healthy Harvest is the only store in Florida that carries all these leaf trimmers and harvest supplies. Located in South Florida in the Miami and Broward area, but also servicing West Palm Beach, Tampa, and Orlando and full state-wide free shipping coverage.